Monday, July 20, 2009

Meyer Family

I had the pleasure of meeting the Meyer family while I was out
shooting the Broughton family out at the boardwalk
and they asked me to come and shoot
a family session for them on Wednesday.
Well the weather on Wednesday was not nearly as nice
as it was the night I shot the Broughton family.
The sun was in full force and the wind was blowing.
After the shoot we decided to try again on
Thursday night after I got of work at the YMCA and well
mother nature didn't work with us was raining!
It was quite funny, not really, but I was under
and umbrella holding it with my armpit and
they were under another umbrella. We counted to three
and then they would throw the umbrella down and I would take
the shot and then they would pick up the umbrella and we
would do it again. I also wasn't thinking and
sat down on the bench and you guessed it a wet bottom! lol
Ok after all that here are the shots from their two day session (:


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