Monday, July 20, 2009

Meyer Family

I had the pleasure of meeting the Meyer family while I was out
shooting the Broughton family out at the boardwalk
and they asked me to come and shoot
a family session for them on Wednesday.
Well the weather on Wednesday was not nearly as nice
as it was the night I shot the Broughton family.
The sun was in full force and the wind was blowing.
After the shoot we decided to try again on
Thursday night after I got of work at the YMCA and well
mother nature didn't work with us was raining!
It was quite funny, not really, but I was under
and umbrella holding it with my armpit and
they were under another umbrella. We counted to three
and then they would throw the umbrella down and I would take
the shot and then they would pick up the umbrella and we
would do it again. I also wasn't thinking and
sat down on the bench and you guessed it a wet bottom! lol
Ok after all that here are the shots from their two day session (:


Sneak Peek @ Brittany's Senior Shoot

Today I had my first 2010 senior photo shoot.
Brittany is from Kouts school and plays the clarinet and
we had a blast shooting on her grandparents
property in Crown Point.
This is my all time favorite shot
these photos have not been through my
final edit process.



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sneak Peek @ Brittany's Maternity Shoot

I had an incredible time shooting Brittany and Dan's Maternity session!
They were such a great couple and she was up for anything.
We started in the studio because we didn't know if it was
going to rain or not but after we were done it was beautiful outside
so we headed to the Millpond to do some outside stuff. After
we were finished we were parting ways, luckily they were following
me because as we were driving there was an opening in a field and
I pulled over and flagged them down.
I was laying in the middle of the road shooting
this amazing silhouette shot of her!
Here are a few shots from outside...more to come!









Killin' Time

Roy, a fellow photographer that I have had the privilege of working with the last 2 Saturdays, came up with a neat idea and I am stealing
He said that he was going to make a label on his blog called Free Time and it that would be all the pictures that we end up taking of each other
during the course of the night either testing lighting or just playing around.
So I am calling mine Killin' Time

this is Jessica the other photographer I got to work with on Saturday
after the wedding we headed to cenntenial park in highland and while we were waiting for
the bridal party to arrive we were testing the light and got carried away

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bee Sting

Well Rachel got her first bee sting today and thank God she isn't allergic to bees!

It was such a beautiful day yesterday and I just wanted
to spend some time with the kids instead of being stuck in front of the
computer editing pictures and before I had to go to work @ the YMCA.

So, we got on our swimsuits and went for a swim in the pool. The water was way
to cold for me, but I did brave staying in for about 3o minutes and then
had to get out. It was very hot sitting in the sun so I warmed up real quick.
We decided to have lunch on the blanket outside, PB&J and lays Natural SeaSalt Potato Chips.
While we were sitting there eating our lunch the breeze that was blowing
blew out one of the inner tubes that was in the pool.
Rachel wanted to go get it and put it back. As she was running I
told her watch out for bees, because there is a lot of clover
that has overtaken our lawn. She said "I am mom."
As she was running back to the blanket that is when she stepped
right on a bee. She didn't yell or cry til she got to the blanket and was
trying to figure out what was in her foot, the stinger. Well she started screaming
what is that what is that! I told her that she got stung by a bee and that
I had to get the stinger out with tweezers, well that did not go over very
well. I had to hold her foot as tight as I could while she was trying to get
up and run away from me! We got the stinger out and put and ice cube on it first,
then we soaked her foot in a little container of baking soda and water, and then put
on the trusty old After Bite
and Melagel. Melagel is a great product
I use it on everything from cuts, burns, insect bites it is great!

But man you would have thought I was killing her.
I am glad the neighbors weren't home (:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Broughton Family Shoot

This is my 3rd year shooting the Broughton family and they are so fun to be with.
I can't believe how big the little guy has gotten
he was just a few weeks old when I shot them last year.
It is so neat to watch the kids grow.

Wheat Harvest

On my way home from the beach shoot with the warm glo of the setting sun
this wheat field looked gorgeous,
so I pulled over got the camera out and started shooting.
I just love the glo of the field. I sent it in to Brant Miller @ NBC so
we will see if he asks for any of them. He has shown one of my
photos before on TV and posted it in the tribune paper.

Sunset @ the Beach

On my photo shoot the other day with my favorite family reunion group,
I shot this sunset and just love the rays of sun coming down on the water.
We had a fun time shooting...those will be posted soon

and this is what it looked like when I got home off my front porch

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fireworks on the Beach

We had a great time watching the fireworks on the beach with friends and church family.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Today I met my cousin at Ogden Gardens she owns a beauty salon
and we shot some pictures for her to use on her website and such.

View more in the slideshow

Monday, July 6, 2009

Brittany's Graduation

My Oldest daughter, Brittany, graduated in June.
I am so proud that she made it through til the end and graduated.
Brittany was in choir so the senior choir girls sang a song during the program
Brittany receiving her diploma (:

Brittany and her Grandma
Me and Brittany
Adam and Brit
Justin and Rachel were very happy to see Brittany
Brittany the graduate