Monday, May 25, 2009

12 x 12 Collage

This collage can easily have the colors changed to whatever you need. I had fun making this one for my family pictures at Ogden Gardens on Sunday



Well I have not been very good about posting freebies have been swamped with these 09 seniors coming in last minute. So I am posting 2 freebies!
Here is a 6x4 Valentine template.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tony & Monica's Engagement

I had such a great time working with Tony and Monica.
It was such a bright sunny day and not a cloud in the sky
so it was a little difficult but I think we got some good shots.
We went to the Michigan City Boardwalk
Their dog Piper was a you can see in the series of photos
she pelted them with sand while trying to pose and I just kept shooting.
Tony and Monica are getting married in June at Friendship Gardens
and it just so happens that is on the same day as my anniversary.
Luckily my husband will be attending the wedding
and we will hopefully get to share a dance that night.

comments from Monica: Donna..I love the photos! Thanks so much for getting them posted so fast! Wow you are a working machine!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Rachel starts her first round of swim lessons today at the new YMCA.
She is so excited and it is all she has been talking about!
It will be good for her to learn how to swim
with all the pool parties we will be going to and
with our medium size pool this summer.
I ordered the parts we needed to fix the pool the other
day. It was damaged in a high wind storm we had last
year so we had to spend about $50 in parts to replace
the broken rods, better than spending another $300 on a new pool.
I promise I will take my camera and post some
pictures of her first day at class!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


My name is... Jessica

My nickname is... Jess

I go to school at... Valparaiso High School

My favorite class is... any type of art class

This summer I will... getting ready for college and enjoying my summer!

My dream vacation is... going to Africa or somewhere tropical

My dream job is... an occupation where I can travel the world and love what I do!

I love to listen to... O.A.R.

My all time favorite food is... Pasta!

My favorite place to shop is... forever21

My favorite TV show is... Grey's Anatomy

My favorite possession is... my photo albums

I never leave home without... my cell phone

A random fact about me is... I love to cook

I chose to have my senior portraits taken with DGPhotoDesigns because... the photographer is awesome!

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there!
Today we went to church and then
went out to lunch at Wings ETC.
After that we went to this store that makes fruit
baskets in a bouquet! Edible Arrangements...
They were so adorable and
tasted quite good. We bought one for my mom and
on for Adam's mom and took it to them.
After a nice visit with our mom's we headed to the
nursery where we bought 8 new flowers to plant
in the flower bed...I can't wait til they are planted
and they start flourishing!