Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Corinna and I decided to head out to look at different locations
for shooting around LaPorte, IN.
It was pretty cold out, still hovering in the upper 30's
so it was shoot then warm up, shoot then warm up.

Corinna is 17 yrs old and is attending LaPorte High School
starting tomorrow..she had previously been homeschooled
last year. Her favorite subject is Art and she loves her camera :)
Corinna says her dream job would be a graphic designer and her
dream vacation would be to go to Jamaica!

Here are some other randoms of Corinna:

*My favorite movie is Star Wars
and tv show is Criminal Minds
*Favorite food is Spaghetti
*I love to shop at Zumiez
*My favorite website is Pandora
and I love VersaEmerge
*Favorite possession is my music note necklace
*I never leave home without my earphones
*I would like to meet Yoda

An unusual talent I have is that I'm extremely flexible
and a random fact about me is that I like to write songs
and I play them.

I chose to have my pictures taken with DGPhotoDesigns because
not only was she my old photography instructor, but she is
my friend and she is good at what she does :)

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