Monday, July 18, 2011

John & Hannah Smith

John and Hannah were in town this week to see family and they decided
to have a photo shoot and what a day for it.
I just love the mocha and the color of this image so I had to share both :)

Hannah and John were so much fun to work with.  We were extreme hot and
luckily I brought a towel for the sweat :)  I forgot the bug spray in the truck
and when we tried to go for shots in the woods we were bombarded by
mosquitoes.  John had to use the towel to swat them away from us as
we walked as fast as we could through the woods ):  along the way I swallowed
a bug and started choking...that wasn't so fun.

In the end we found the pretty flower field so it was so worth the heat.  
I love these flower shots!

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glhearts said...

These pictures are so amazing, Donna!! I love the vibrancy of the flower pictures!! Great job!