Friday, January 28, 2011

My set up for this shot and the ones to follow

I wanted to try yet another lighting set up and I really liked how they turned out (:

I first set up my backdrop,
which by the way if you haven't heard of
or seen PhotoProp Floors & Backdrops
you have to go check them out (:

As you can see I place a strip box horizontal and high about the subject,
a silver and gold stripped reflector resting on her lap
and a light with a 30 degree honey comb grid on it.
FYI all my lighting equipment comes from AlienBees

Once I did some minor touch ups in adobe RAW I opened up in cs4 and
~bumped levels
~selected the lasso tool and selected they eyes one at a time
and added a blending mode of linear dodge (add) at 67% opacity
~ran a contrapop action from John at PhotoBlast EZ Actions
~and then added some highlighting to her hair.


Final Image

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