Monday, November 23, 2009

Lesson Notes Understanding the Purpose of Pain

Pain is God's instrument to expose who we are, explain how life really is, and brings us to a junction where we seek Him for answers.

God may be using your child to teach you something as well, conflict and pain is always a precursor to change.

As God never leaves us, we will never leave our kids.

Foolishness leads to more pain. Wisdom leads to more pleasure.

"Foolishness" is that determined conviction that happiness must be gained on my own terms without significant dependence on God.

"Wisdom" is knowledge of principles of right living that's gained through observation, reflection, and experience.

Pain comes...when there is confrontation for foolish thinking.

Pain comes...when they don't agree with you.

Pain comes...when discussions get heated.

Pain comes...when the authority of the goal-keeper is established or re-established.

Pain comes...when the wrong motives, demeanors or desires are exposed.

Overindulgence doesn't change the pain.

Ignoring or avoiding your child will not change the pain.

Walking away from a relationship with a rebellious child is not an option.

Compromising your standards is foolish parenting.

If we rescue our teen, or lessen consequences, the immaturity will continue.

Foolish behavior will always get worse when not confronted.

Facing the pain....brings significance.

Pain is essential in the life of your child to bring about maturity and responsibility.

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