Sunday, October 4, 2009

God is in Control

I keep telling myself over and over again that God is in control of the situation.
I mean we have been praying since she moved out of our house that she would
hit rock bottom if that is what she needed to straighten her life out...
is this the answer to our prayers or the process that has to happen?
Now I don't know if I want it to happen. I mean I want
her to come back to God and her family but I don't want her to have to suffer.
We as parents never want our kids to suffer and we only want the best for them.
How do you as a parent just let go and give your child over to God.
All these thoughts just keep running through my head
what if this
what if that
what if
what if
what if
I am making myself just sick. I sent another text message this morning
asking them to let Brittany contact me and that I love her and am worried about her.
I pray that I at least hear something. I just wish I new she was ok.

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ajnrileysmommy said...

found your blog through mpix. don't know the details, but i am praying for you and your family...that the peace of God that passes ALL understanding will guard your heart and mind.