Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fishing on Lake Taneycomo 06/17/09

After taking the Ride the Duck tour we followed Jen and Frank to their place. Man are there some really really curvy roads on the way to where they were staying.
They were about 10 minutes from us so it wasn't too bad.
After having a cookout, hamburger and hotdogs, Frank took Adam, Justin, Rachel and I out on his boat for about a 2 hour fishing adventure on Lake Taneycomo.
I don't fish so I just took a lot of pictures and soaked up the sun it was 93 degrees the
whole time we were in Missouri on our trip.

The kids started pointing out the window and I had just enough time to get this one shot of a woodpecker out the window. I wish I would have bought and extender before we left for our trip.

A lovely looking spider web under the deck of where Jen and Frank were staying
Adam and Justin were the first to catch a fish almost immediately after throwing in the pole

It was a little one so we let it go...we actually let all of them go
The Lake was so beautiful...even though it smelt really bad-fishy. I shot this with my fisheye.
Rachel caught the biggest fish on the smallest pole it was a spongebob fishing pole
She was really admiring her fish and was so excited that she caught the biggest one!

There were a bunch of great blue herons nesting in the trees. Could have used an extender!
Rachel was tired and put her feet up on the edge of the boat...I thought it made for a cute picture

I have a few more that I have to add borders to so I will post those a little later.

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